Non Ferrous

Tennant Metals offers a range of base metals with a strong focus on aluminium, zinc, copper and tin.
Our range of products can be either primary or secondary and specific grades can be requested and supplied according to customer requirements.

Copper :

  • Copper Ingots
  • Copper Granulates
  • Copper Scrap: Millberry / Berry Candy / Cables
  • Copper Cathodes: LME Registered and non Registered Grade A / Off-Grade Cathode

Aluminum :

  • Primary Aluminum Ingots
  • Aluminum Alloys

Lead :

  • Refined Lead Ingots
  • Secondary Lead Ingots

Tin :

  • LME Registered and non Registered Tin Ingots
  • Off Grade Tin Ingots

Zinc :

  • LME Registered and Non Registered SHG Zinc Ingots
  • Zinc Alloy Ingots